Samming or *samming*

1- The look of complete adoration and love that only one can achieve when looking at the love of their life, AKA One Direction.

2- The action of copying Sam.

ORIGINATING from a tumblr post; a picture of a male fan standing in the GA section of the crowd of a one direction concert, with a look of awe on his face- ‘he needs a place in this fandom. Let’s call him Sam’.
Did you see that man in the crowd looking at One Direction- “he was samming

“I’m samming over that new photo of Liam payne
by Harolds4nipples__ July 11, 2019
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To chunder "Avarywhere", through ones hands, on public transport.
I was totally Samming this morning on my way to school
by prague 2012 January 14, 2012
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The process of head banging and going hard at a party. Person may often lift up skirt and attempt to take off clothing. Side effects include throwing up and hiccups. Do not attempt unless you're a professional. Treatment: Shower. And more shots.
Sam was samming the fuck out at the party.
by tdawgggitydawg January 4, 2012
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To sleep with or an attempted to sleep with your best friends girl friend or boy friend.

I heard your friend tried to get on your girl last night…REALLY? Ya he was SAMMING YOU.

Named after an old friend SAM! THE ORIGINAL

The word can be use for both Men and Women as SAM is a universal name.
by Ryan "I have been Sammed" April 27, 2008
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liking every possible update on someones profile page for about a month back.... repeat at the end of every month and laugh at how much they get annoyed
Origon of the word comes from liking everything on my friends sams page
Hey man i was samming the sh*t out of your page last night!

I know 201 notifications....
by Mr Sparklepants February 9, 2010
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Verb: the act of getting one's nerdy on, or bringing nerdy back.
He got his large glasses and his Star Trek items; he was really samming it up.
by The Sage Man November 28, 2011
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The compulsion to make sandwhiches using your entree itemes and the bread product provided
The waiter brought me more rolls when he saw me Samming the turkey and mash potatoes.
by Jtrigger November 22, 2015
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