Sam is the most amazing guy
i love him with all my heart
he is someone you miss when your not with them
and make you laugh when your around them.
Anyone who knows this person is the luckiest person alive
This person is the most awesome amazing, hot, cute, and loveable person ever to walk this plannet.
I love you baby
For example if i was to be going out with sam i would be the luckiest girl alive. I wouldn't want to leave him ever!
by babefrm93 April 7, 2009
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The greatest guy you’ll ever meet. He is kind, patient, and selfless and his smile is just pure gold. There is something magnetic about him...something that draws you in and makes you never want to let go. He’s the glue for all your broken pieces.
Friend: Ah I see you have that smile on your face again!! Talking to Sam?

Me: Yeah, I’m telling you there’s just something about this guy I can’t describe. He makes me so happy to be alive.
by Emilyrichardson__@804 February 28, 2021
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Sam is an amazing man with a great sense of humor. He can always make any girl laugh or smile. Also is amazing in bed if you can get him there. But if you do trust me you will be in for a good time. On top of that he is a sweet guy. He may have a hard exterior and may look angry sometimes but he's just focused. But I wouldn't want to piss him off. Makes an amazing boyfriend. He's the type of boyfriend that will do anything just to see you smile. Even if that means making a huge trip out of his way to see you. Or write you a letter telling you how much he loves you. Any girl would be lucky to have him. So if you have a Sam don't ever let him go. You will regret it.
1. Jessica: "dang that guy over there is sexy!"

Brianna: " yeah I know, his name is Sam"

Jessica: " Oh well that explains it."

Jessica: " I heard he's amazing in bed"

Brianna: " Thats true but only with his girlfriend.

Jessica: " Awh, man"

2. Sam to Jolene I love you babe, you are thee best girlfriend in the world!
by sweetthang123 August 25, 2010
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implying that you will accompany someone to any event or gathering, and, usually without warning, not show up. Samming may involve a number of excuses.
5:30 PM (eastern standard time)- Pencek said he was coming over for wine and then then bar. 2:30 AM (timezone unknown)- Pencek most likely asleep in his bed, with no warning, completely samming all of us.
by kittygirlmeow September 10, 2014
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A person who is very "hot" as they say.Everyone loves Sam he is funny talented and all around a great person. He is very attractive.
He is so sam
by 57891fiftynineers April 19, 2016
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To receive a kick, punch or similar blow to the crotch, in public.

Often causing not just severe pain, but anger and great embarrassment.

A funny spectacle for others to watch.
Simmilar to owned/pwnd
Member of public: "Dude you got sammed"
by Nic Palmer May 20, 2008
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