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They are three amazing guys named Mikey Fusco, Madison Alamia, and Jason Smith. They are talented, sweet, down to earth, great singers and dancers. They were formally ICONic Boyz. After a while, they decided 'tobeone' and stick together with singing and dancing. These amazing boyz can put a smile on your face no matter what. They are so positive and always being themselves. They are also so open with their fans. Their fans love and support them no matter what. Their fans can be over protective, but that's only because they care and love so much about them. We all know they're going to make it big one day. That day will show all the haters that they didn't stop them. The haters cant stop them. The boyz are happy just being themselves. They love what they do. No one can take that away from them. Their co-manager Layla has an amazing role. She is the sweetest lady around. We cant thank her enough for all she has done for them.

To Be One are the best thing that have even happen to many. They saved many peoples' lives by just being themselves. They are just the definition of perfection. Anyone who says otherwise, obviously needs to check themselves(:
Person: Who's To Be One?

Me: They're three amazing guys named Mikey, Madison, and Jason. They're my lifesavers(:
by 2b1 December 27, 2013
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To Be One is a really sucky boyband, that can't sing.
they really should've stuck with dancing, like the ICONic Boyz.
remember them ?? you don't ??

i was a fan of them at one point, but the fame got to their big heads.
their fanbase is so freaking annoying and dramatic, like Leonor, Jaenel or what ever her name is.sorry oops ??1?!
Who's to be one
-a band that doesn't know how to sing.
by twitter - @Mrs_Fusco226 December 18, 2013
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