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Cute, in a sexual way.

Used when "cute" or "sexy" just dont cut it. When you want to refer to a girl as someone you wish you could be with.
Ben: Jerry, check out that cuteass girl over there.

Jerry: (prematurely ejaculates, then faints).
by Mouthwash June 22, 2006
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What you call your girl (if shes hot) when you love her or when you are running out of nicknames.
Jullian: hey cuteass
Emma: *nuts*

Cute ass - calling your girl a cuteass is cute
by Lil WetΓΆ March 04, 2018
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Originated in Wichita Falls, Texas.
Given to lady with initials of C.A.
by Jen December 26, 2004
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A woman who's ass is not very noticeable but when you see it naked it's just as good as any thicc girl
No one notices but Alex has a cute ass
by G Keegan November 01, 2018
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