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Meaning: Its source is a Hebrew expression meaning "Delight, pleasantness, desirable, cypress tree."
Narrative: In the Bible, Tirzah is the name of a city of Israeli kings (Josh. 12:24 and 1 Kings 16:23-24) and was also the name of the first woman to inherit property from her father.

Tirzah was one of the five daughters of Zelophehad who asked for and received an inheritance. In the movie Ben Hur, based on General Lew Wallace's best selling novel,Tirzah was Juda's sister.
by TirzaMarie February 04, 2010
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A beautiful young woman who is intelligent and honest with her beliefs. She loves nature and the creatures found in it. She has strong beliefs in the ethereal. She has an unearned charisma that balances out her awkwardness. It’s hard not to appreciate her when she’s around. She is passionate in friendships and relationships and is nice to be around. Also a massive nerd.
Boy 1- Isn’t that Tirza girl hot, fellow male friend?
Boy 2- Yes indeed she is friend.
by AQuinton August 13, 2019
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the cutest, prettiest, finest girl out there you can be become a whole lezbean
β€œomg do you see her? she’s so pretty!”
β€œexactly!!! she’s a tirza for sure”
by laylurlikestocry October 20, 2019
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