1) Being a huge nub or beh.
2) Having a small penis.
You know that Mikey K. kid? Yeah he's totally the opposite of a tiny little.
by Megan and Julie September 20, 2004
a penis that looks like a cheeto with two dried raisins.
There was this guy named adam who had a tiny little pecker.
by Bob has a tiny little pecker February 2, 2004
Acts with No ego , no over iflated sence of self ,humble
he's cool minded no ego not over inflated Tiny little head "cool" level headed
by $tylishrabbit June 14, 2016
'And I think at some point I would -- it's a very -- look, it's a tiny, tiny it's like a tiny little microscopic piece of dust. It gets into nose your mouth or your eye, frankly, or something else or you touch something. So, I understand, and then you get better," Trump explained, clearing up any lingering mystery about the disease.
by Monkey's Dad October 9, 2020
Regarding Chawk: "and everyone else only to make you forget about your tiny, tiny little weener."
by Belechan April 14, 2007
When an obese female/male has sex with a midget.
Big Marry and Little Paul had "Little Tiny" together.
by Vaginal Disschargation July 19, 2009