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The ability to be fetch. Also to be hip, pretty cool and awesome all in one.
Girl, you are so tinge.
That dress is definitely tinge.
by Kikipuff May 21, 2014
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The area between a women's vagina and asshole. The female equivalent of the taint or chode.
That dress is show short I think I just caught a glimse of her tinge.
by Gary Allen April 13, 2008
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A suttle trickle, or a slight feeling of irratation/ expression. A sprinkle of emotion that may peev you just enough to tickle your thoughts but just the right anount to grind your gears.
"That waitress was a tinge too friendly, I wonder if she spit in my food because I can't taste it "
"Hmm, this party is a tinge too bougie; shall we converse with these idiots or gtfo? "


Honestly, you can use tinge for everything ...
Like, "Excuse me sir, you need to simmer down, you are being a tinge too gnar"

Or... "this drink could use a tinge more alcohol, but I'll settle with straight vodka; thanks"
by Tigerdragon January 08, 2017
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