when you are playing an fps game and you peek away from where the enemy is the instant they peek out and kill you
"yo i was walking around catwalk and was watching site, but once i checked car the dude peeked and headshot me. rainbow timing dude"
by bruhmoment4620 January 5, 2020
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Between 8:30-9:40 am on a Sunday
What time does church start?
Mine usually begins around Booping-Time
by gray_falcon July 2, 2023
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Slang for 8:30 am on a Sunday
what time do you need to be up to go to the hair dresser’s tomorrow?
Close to booping time
by gray_falcon July 2, 2023
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A time you spend with your squad or friends
"Squad time after school" she said to her group of friends
"For sure" they said back
by October 24, 2016
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That one time deed they did for you it’s only right u pay back that one time!
One Time For The One Time I won us the game and this time u gave me the 100
by Clemky August 2, 2019
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Phrase - to stay up late for sex knowing that you will regret it the next day when you are sleep-deprived.
After the concert last night, Dave and I decided to fuck on borrowed time! I know it was a weeknight, but he is so good in bed!
by Estel95 September 29, 2021
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When a whore ass bitch giving you oral. You tell her a joke as you cum. So it comes out the nose.
Know that bitch Stacy from the party last night. Yeah I have that bitch a “joke of a life time
by MoneyEater69 September 19, 2020
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