They are beautiful loveable people when of the attack helicopter variety they have long blond hair a great shade of blue eyes and are just great. A little shy but anyone will love them if they just talk to them for a minute.
Person: Oh my lord Tilden is amazing

Me: Yeah a lot
by Zax the paotao July 27, 2018
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One who is an all around humanitarian. But can be your worst nightmare if you cross them.
Tilden is there for sara no matter what the cost.
by Tillden October 5, 2020
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You can be such a tilden sometimes.
by This_Mud February 28, 2017
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Tilden Middle School is a school located in Old Georgetown Road in Rockville Maryland. Most people here think they're better than everyone else because they wear Vineyard Vines. Others are just trying to get through life and don't really care. People here love Mr.Green and idolize Noor because she's iconic. You'll be fine if you just mind your own business and don't start drama, also don't be an attention seeker or dress up like a unicorn, cuz no.
"Tilden Middle School is a school"
by basicluv December 15, 2018
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Where 50% of the students smoke weed and 50% get straight A's. Where all the students get detention after school on Friday's til 5. And the teachers forget to grade work. Where when kids get caught with weed they punch the principle and run til the cops catch you. where 25% percent of the last 200 students have been expelled.
"When Ebber got snitched on for having weed he hit Mr.Easton and ran from Mr. Easton and Mr. Leaman until the cops caught him and he got expelled" "Only at Tilden Middle School"
by EXTIMBERWOLF February 19, 2010
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A place on Old Georgetown Road that consists of;
Rich White preppy chicks that just don't get it, Your almost preppy chicks that think/know their hot and act like sluts to get what they want, the show off asians that don't give a hoot what others think(but still want to broadcast everything to the world), the girls that are "too hot for you."But you know you still want it, the girls that are annoying as crap and wont shut up, the quiet mature polite people that are waiting for fellow classmates to grow up and learn how to have real fun, the guys that still have a decent imagination, your "weed eaters", and the rest of the guys are too horny to think about what actually matters. Enough said. One more thing, 95%of the students here don't know what "Respect" is. Their rude city kids that only care about reaching the top: of what.
There is way too much drama at Tilden Middle School." "I know right but the girls there are hot.
by imovedsodealwithit June 1, 2011
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