a song that became popular due to its use on the app TikTok
20 min by Lil Uzi Vert is not a TikTok song, while Ruthless by MarMar Oso is a TikTok song.
by trust me bro October 9, 2020
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(adj.)A tiktok song is a song who is the most popular on that site. If a song was popular on tiktok but was more popular on youtube, then it is not a tiktok song. Its all about how many people saw it on which site and its overall reach there.
by Tiktoboi March 18, 2020
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When one hears a TikTok song and gets an erection due the the connection of the song with various women dancing sexually. One can elicit an erection from merely a song, just as Pavlov was able to do so with dogs and bells.
This new song I heard on the radio is a Pavlovian TikTok Song! I just got hard, mike.
by SithLordTrevor January 16, 2022
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