Tija is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet!She always tries to help if someting is wrong even tho she’s sad too.You can definitely trust Tija.Be like a Tija.
All the boys like Tija
by Spread positivity peopleee December 30, 2019
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Tijae is a girl who won't let any nigga or hoe get to her. She got a nigga mentality an usually dgaf about anything but herself and a few people.
"Bruh she acting like a tijae "

"On god."
by bruhskii November 11, 2014
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Tija is a wonderful name from a wonderful girl.
Smart , hot , beautiful with humor and a great body.

Everybody loves her.
Boy 1 : Have you see Tija....?
Boy 2 : Yes bro she looks beautiful af ....
by Tublr gurl January 2, 2017
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a loser who cant find the button to click on the sims
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
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a person who goes out on Holloween..omg..i think i spelled "holloween wrong....um...tija?....help me out?
by bingo October 31, 2003
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the person who gets to play "inklink" when i had the idea to and then my computer TOTALLY freezes on me ...thanx ti.i feel lovd....
yep..very snack..and i mean....EVERY snack..i always get the shitty computer
by bingo November 11, 2003
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