To lightly rub the tips of your fingers across someone's back (or anywhere else for that matter) to produce a slight tickle that feels very relaxing and can put you to sleep.
Guy 1: I was having a hard time sleeping, so my girlfriend gave me tickies. It was the most relaxing thing ever.
by kitkatkate May 18, 2013
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To scratch or tickle another's back with fingers. A light massage.
Give me tickies to send me to sleep.
by Screwdles September 23, 2006
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tickling given to someone to coerce them into doing something they don't want to do.
If you don't get me a drink your gonna get some tickies!!!
by M November 4, 2003
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Hickies that are found on the breasts.
That girl with the low cut shirt has tickies.
by Elijah_Blu April 11, 2011
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North American Southern Slang; being overly critical or particular about something small and inconsequential.
Cathy's gettin' ticky over the flower arrangements.
by Land mine July 19, 2017
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My friend Issabella was HARASSING me asking me to buy tickies ALL DAY.
by Swoale September 16, 2016
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