The best girl ever the best curvs thick good lookin big lips for something
Malachi tiana do u like terren "yes". Terren do u loke her "yes" why do yall want to date
by Tiana and terren March 13, 2019
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Tiana is true Queen not a princess. She's sassy and completely beautiful. She gives u great advice and is very attractive and VERY SMART!! She always wants and needs to be respected. She hates when boys get up all on her. She respects herself and you.
Boy: hey bae
Tiana: bye!
by Demah1st October 27, 2018
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Tiana is a cute girl that is very shy. Although, only true friends can handle her aloofness, eccentricity, and anti-social behaviour. She also seems somewhat unapproachable, but deep inside, Tiana is very kind. Tiana is also a really smart girl. Top of the class, however often distracted. She may seem indefferent to you but secretly helps you without you noticing. Tiana also gets jealous very easily and can act somewhat childish when jealous. When she has someone she likes she will gradually become more possessive over them and start to show mild signs of jealousy. She loves teasing her close friends but the teasing can turn a bit rude when she’s jealous. She usually doesn’t show many facial expressions. Just don’t let her outside shell hurt you, she’s very thoughful in the inside and is a very special friend.

Person 1: She completely ignored me!
Tiana’s friend: She’ll warm up to you...


Let’s say Tiana had a crush on a boy and he was playing with some other girl earlier. If he tries to talk to her this is a likely outcome.

Tiana’s crush: Tiana! I need your help
Crush’s friend: I need some help over here please!
*Tiana Walk over to crush’s friend instead*
by jp2502 May 08, 2018
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Very sexy girl with a nice booty. Very nice skin color. She has a very smart mouth but she is very smart. She is good at softball. She usually goes for black boys typically named Alex. Get you a girl like Tiana.
damn I wish my mom named me tiana
by Fortnitegoddd June 05, 2018
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A really nice and friendly girl. She can help you with anything and will always put a smile on your face. She is flawless but will admit to any flaws that other people say about her. Her prettiness will stun you and force you to keep your eyes on her. She is open and is a friend that will give you lots of tips and advice. If she asks you out you better say yes. She will be the best girlfriend/wife!
John: Have you talked with Tiana before?
Me: Hell yeah! She's such a great friend!
John: She's flawless. I'm totally stunned by her looks.
Me: So am I John, so am I.
by The_Nutcracker December 07, 2020
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A literal demon. Tiana will not hesitate to murder someone if you need her to. Incredibly aggressive and concerning. Likes smut, especially anything related to Steve Rogers. Overuses the word ‘fuck’. Is a hoe and will sleep with your dad and become your step mum as revenge. Will probably haunt you as a ghost once she dies.
Omg, she’s so amazing, her name must be tiana!
by TiaynaySeog6969 August 25, 2021
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