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A work week ending on a Thursday due to a holiday or similar circumstance that turns Friday into a day off from work.
Manager: "Due to the inclement weather expected tomorrow, Friday will be a snow day."

Worker: "Woo-hoo! Thursday-Friday!"
by principalstress February 14, 2009
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Thursday-Fridays are when your last work day of the week occurs on Thursday instead of Friday, making the last day of the work week Thursday. This concept can travel to the previous day as well. Thursday-Fridays should be celebrated at least once a month and the occasional Tuesday-Mondays as equally as nice.
I enjoyed my Thursday-Fridays for the past 7 weeks, with every Friday off, my work week was celebrated with Friday night festivities celebrated on Thursday nights. My favorite was when we had a Monday and Friday off in the same week, making a Tuesday-Monday and Thursday-Friday occur in one week, however my co-worker did come in only one day this week making him have a Thursday-Monday/Friday, must be nice!
by astroFACE December 29, 2016
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