2 definitions by diddy784

1. realizing you failed to do a certain task by its deadline
2. getting dicked over
3. feelings towards anyone you may know named johnson
Fuck johnson! I forgot to send Jim the e-mail. I was supposed to do it yesterday.

Fuck johnson! How the hell did Bill get picked before me?
by diddy784 July 28, 2007
1. what the fuck?
2. WTF
3. code if you're in an atmosphere where swearing is not allowed
4. usually a response of disbelief and/or confusion
Wednesday Thursday Friday!! What were you thinking copying off Sue's test.

Bill,? Wednesday Thursday Fiday? I asked you to fill the paper towels 3 hours ago.

Wdenesday Thursday Friday? How the hell did Bob pass? He never even comes to class
by diddy784 July 28, 2007