The thighs of a curvy voluptuous woman, famous in the 70s and early 80s period which adds a seductive, sensual appeal to the whole persona of the woman; unlike a skinny, lean pair of legs so much in fashion and so desired now.
Wow! Check out the thunderthighs on that woman, makes me want to make sweet love to her all night long.
by Im ur stitch March 1, 2013
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n. A person who is so overweight that one's thighs rub together when he/she walks and creates a low rumbling noise deep within the earth whenever he/she steps.
Holy christ! Here comes thunderthighs! Hold onto something! Brace yourselves!! *BOOM* (low rumbling noise)
by TheJEnigma March 24, 2004
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thighs on a person(usually a chubby one) that jiggle violently
Zeus' thunderthighs jiggle vilolently when he runs in the clouds.
by Matt S. Bush November 21, 2008
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This word is used to describe a really fat person. A thunderthighs person have really big thighs, make loud farts, constipate, and eat a lot. A thunderthighs person also annoys people a lot. A thuderthighs person also brags and has no sportsmanship. This is my message to you: Don't be a thunde-rthighs person because a thunderthighs human is an annoying bastard.
"This guy is so thunderthighs!"
by ieatrice32154 October 15, 2011
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Dan the man is a very pretty boy who is in love with frank whatever his last name is. He always watches movies with me and is amazing. He also loves sharks.
If you are friends with Mr Thunderthighs you are automatically cool.

by Fagkie May 7, 2022
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The future spouse of the well-known fatty, they are known for their huge dong and thunderous thighs.
I was finally invited to the wedding of ThunderThighs and fatty! :D
by anonymoustorn10010 September 19, 2021
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