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Coach Zee didn't know where Homestar's hat was.
by GastonRabbit July 25, 2003
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One of the former names of Firefox, Mozilla's standalone browser.
First Phoenix, then Firebird, then Firefox. Firefox is a good browser, but what's with the name changes?
by GastonRabbit June 30, 2004
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Firefox is secure and standards compliant. Internet Explorer has security holes and poor standards support.
by GastonRabbit June 30, 2004
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A browser superior to Internet Explorer and its creators, who favor proprietary "HTML" over the W3C's standards.
Opera is better than Internet Explorer. Actually, snail mail is, too.
by GastonRabbit November 4, 2004
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A browser that while popular, has many security holes. It also has poor support of today's standards, and has a dangerous feature called ActiveX that can be used to install programs harmful to computers.
Still using Internet Explorer? I suggest switching to a Mozilla-based browser, Opera, or another alternate browser.
by GastonRabbit July 12, 2004
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Suffix used for abbreviations that lamers tend to stick onto full words for absolutely no reason.
Don't use "'d" incorrectly. It'll only make you look like a n00b.
by GastonRabbit June 15, 2004
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