Pronunciation: Ta HUD

Origin: Sak n Fox (or sauk and Fox) Indian

Meaning: "Togetherness" or "All is one". Similar pronunciation and definition can be found in the Egyptian language.

Not related to Troy Hudson nor the HUD project.

A unique name for one who is original, creative, giving of one's self, and mercurial.
"Dude, she wasn't a Betty. She was a T'Hud."
by Pixieluscious February 04, 2010
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A limo usually carrying large amounts of men with limp dicks often smoking
Wow that thud sure is nice
by Evil Victor June 10, 2015
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THUD - The Hacker's Underground Digest - A publication like 2600 that covers aspects of hacking, phreaking, cracking, etc... Only nicer and a dollar cheaper per year for a subscription.
Hey man, have you checked out the newest issue of THUD? It kicks 2600's ass!
by Cobrabite February 21, 2005
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The sound/act of a Grobanite falling to the ground due to hearing/seeing/thinking about anything involving Josh Groban.
The sound of Grobies thudding throughout the theatre could be heard as the song ended. (or) Those curls, those eyes, that voice . . . *sigh*, *swoon*, and THUD!!
by Lily March 23, 2004
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Warning of a pig rollin up. From root Pipus Hitus The Groundus.
THUD! Followed by silence then sound of pipes, ciggarettes ect. hittin the floor.
by magatsu October 10, 2002
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a unit a weight for fat, heavy, obese women
Look at that women! She must weigh like 300 thuds or something like that!
by Smart American Male April 21, 2006
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Loosely based group of young adults based in an area roughly a kilometre surrounding 249th street, Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada. Established officially in 2005, the group now consists of various hangers-ons and groupies. The five core members retain five-star status. Groupies and new comers have one star, which may be promoted over time.

The society is involved in three primary activities. Exhaustive drinking, debauchery and, hypocritically, philanthropy (such as child sponsorship)
Hey Janelle, whats up? Just heading to meet up with T HUD for some debauchery.
by Matt Blom August 13, 2007
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