Telling someone you love to leave for their own good - as in the movies where a wild animal is told to go back into the forest while protagonist throws rocks ,
I told my boyfriend to leave me because I am a hot mess, he told me to stop throwing rocks.
by Unicorn Sunshine August 4, 2018
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Throwing rocks is another term for sex
Derrick:* looks to zoe* hey zoe i think Rebecca and Noah are throwing rocks
Zoe: wtf Derrick
by Kat_thepeculiar October 10, 2017
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The act of bowling. To go bowling. Bowling
Yo Cino, you want to go throw rocks tonight?

I was throwing rocks at slocums the other night.
by Pat Cross March 31, 2008
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Throwing rocks at trains is an acceptable alternative to engaging in mainstream activities on any given holiday due to your inability to properly participate for any reason. This is taken from Charlie and Mac's tradition in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia of throwing rocks at trains on Christmas.
I just found out my mom would sell herself to buy x-mas presents for me. Screw xmas, I'm going to go throw rocks at trains.

guy one: It's valentines day and we both are alone.. again. man this sucks.
guy two: yeah I guess we should go throw rocks at trains.. again.
fat girl: Can i come?
guys one and two: Uhhhh... no.
by lil shua February 14, 2011
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Another meaning for scoping out chicks on the beach in a creepy way. Typically is used in a sentence with the word; WildLife (noun) - a bunch of chicks all grouped together.


To hit on girls hard!
Mike: What are you doing over at pebble beach?
Ryan: Dude... I'm trying to find rocks to throw at wildlife.

Susan: Stop hitting on my friends!
Ryan: I'm not... I'm throwing rocks at wildlife.
by Wann January 19, 2013
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What a random guy says when there are many thots throwing big ass rocks.
Bitch why these thots throwing rocks
by Melted chocolate February 4, 2018
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