To surprise someone in a way that leaves them confused or shook.
My girlfriend brought chicken wings to pizza night and it really threw me off.

My girlfriend said she was straight the other day and I was thrown off.

I wanted to wear my slides to soccer practice just to throw off the coach.
by dontyattmedale April 25, 2019
• to distract; to confuse
to yeet (an object)
• — also throw — to make a mistake; to lose unplanned/accidentally
• to stresslax (See stresslaxing)
• That car horn really threw me off.
• I just throw my things off whenever I get home.
• Come on, dude, don't throw off now. You're almost winning!
• I always throw off cuz I'm depressed af.
by Antisarcasm May 11, 2022
Girlfriend: Where were you last night? You said you'd be right back but you were gone for hours!

Boyfriend: I rode with my buddy to Walmart and he is a fucking idiot and locked his keys in the car! And then he wouldn't let me call AAA cause he's too broke to pay the fee...

Buddy: Hey man why you gotta throw off on me like that? Just tell her we went to the strip club.
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
Either drunk or high or fucked up some other way.
That motha fucka at the party was throwed off!
by gamester October 11, 2005
Billy got hit by a car and now he is throwed off.
by minnien August 22, 2007
1 A retarded person
2 Something that is real fucked up.
1 That throwed off mutha-fucker just ate my pie!
2. Those boots are throwed off!
by Professa August 18, 2004