A contiguous cumshot resembling a rope thrown from a boat. Typically thick in nature and impressive.
Dude, that Peter North sure can throw a rope.
by thepoodlebites February 25, 2009
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a phrase describing a male masterbateing
Wow, I finaly got a date with Suzy Rottencrotch , I better throw a rope first so when we bang I wont cum so fast
by Ernest Borgten August 28, 2006
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Your telling someone unstable and your telling them why no one likes them and how ugly they are

Your words are so mean they mite kill them self
Oh shit Pete I was about throw the rope at em,but I stopped myself I'm not tryna be in no letter 📨
by The New philosophy July 16, 2015
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Action Verb: The time when a male ejaculates whilst masterbating, and his semen appears as if he is "throwing ropes". Whacking off
Man, I've been throwing ropes for the past month....sucks being alone!
by will6252 August 5, 2008
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To ejaculate on someone, typically after receiving fellatio. Can also be used in conjunction with a body part, i.e. the face.
Yo, that slut is so fine, I just wanna throw ropes on her.
by Tha Prince July 10, 2008
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Throwing rope by definition is: The act of male ejaculation.
Q: Where's Brent?
A: He's probably in the shower throwing rope.
by AmH September 15, 2005
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When you see/hear in the news that some low life scumbag(s) has committed a serious crime worthy of a public lynching and the retard court judge gives him/her only a slap on the wrist and sends them on their merry way back into society to commit even more crime.
Cop #1: Did you see that? The scumbag I arrested who robbed and bashed that poor old lady got only a warning and told not to do it again.
Cop #2: Friggin hell, throw up the ropes!
by Barnaby Joyce February 13, 2018
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