Betty, Carol and and Carl were so in love, they are such a lovely throuple.
by JamieSeeer February 7, 2019
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A throuple is a relationship consisting of three people.

My favourite throuple is Cait, jo, and dan. Cait being the supreme leader of the thouple, dan being the crazy one and jo being the glue that holds the throuple together. Providing the throuple With childcare, dinners and ideas for new things for them to try in the bedroom.
“ Can you watch the children Jo while me and our sweetheart Dan go out for dinner?”

“ Yes of course my love, I’m so glad we are such a beautiful throuple!”
by Bluemonkey221166 December 13, 2019
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1. A sexual relationship involving three people.
2. A threesome, thruple, or triad
3. A "ménage à trois" (french lit. "household of three")
4. A form of group sex
5. A form of polyamory
Person A: They are all living together?
Person B: Bob, Alice and Carol?
Person A: Yeah, they are a throuple.
by theskyishigh November 26, 2019
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A polyamorous couple consisting of any combination of three people. Term first coined by some chick named Melissa
Ben was dating both Josh and Sarah. They were a Throuple.
by D@de Murphy September 28, 2021
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