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The act of hitting someone using an open hand. Particularly, the act of hitting someone with a karate chop.
I will throg you in the throat if you continue to annoy me.
by VolsFanatic December 27, 2014
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One who resembles some thing like a frog with opposite direction facing eyes known for their ability to look East and West at the same time. Throgs tend to be be quite louds and create sounds that sound like speech but make no sense whatsoever. Throgs have the ability to change the colors like a chamelon but more resembling a dramatic clown. Throgs are very tempermental - almost bipolarish. Some have even been seen dressed in human clothing.
Tim froze in his tracks when he spotted a throg sitting in the call center at work pretending to use a telephone. He had heard that maintenance had put out rat traps, but they were not prepared for throgs.
by Tim Throgcatcher October 31, 2013
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What niggers do in clubs to their bitches, usually on the dance floor.
"Shit, you see Shanquan gettin' down with his sheeet? He be throggin' it with his fucking bitch like dat, gettin' low!"
by Big Punn October 11, 2004
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Named after throg neck bridge in New York, used similarly to a common insult among children. Usually means the same thing as idiot, dumbass. Also can be used as a verb when in the process of being an idiot.
Bitch, you’re a throg.

Dude stop that you’re throggin In this bitch.

It’s a throg eat throg world out here.
by Throg September 07, 2018
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