Rather than "sh*t" you can say sheeet.
by Kiugo April 4, 2003
some sheeet mufuckas be sayin sometimes. sheeet--you know what I'm sayin?
I just said some sheet mufuckas be sayin sometimes. Sheeet, mufucka!
by Claude Money June 20, 2003
Holy Sheeet Mother Teressa! Your Naked!
by El Breto December 6, 2006
Sheet” is a word used when someone is down bad or a alternative word of “uhh” or “umm” used in the island boy language sheet is a famous word
Baddie 1: cuh what’s the answer?

Baddie 2: Sheeet . ..idk
by Pimp lil skimp February 7, 2022
a slang term for shit and is used to exadurate the word. Used involuntarily by arabs.
"ohh sheeet i forgot my umbrella!"
by thatchick June 15, 2006
Bruce "Alberto when is Kounde getting an upgrade?"

Alberto "idk dawg"

Bruce "Sheeets ass"
by shhnickomode April 1, 2021
When you misspell the word, "sheet"
I was trying to find google sheets but I came across the urban dictionary definition for the word, "Sheeet."
by Beenfarr October 4, 2022