To partipate in the online roleplaying game - Threshold RPG (usually NOT while having sex)
To Thresh, Threshing, to be a Thresher.
The usage of the capital T is essential to define a true Thresher
by Anon July 4, 2004
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One of the best and the most banned champion in League of Legends, from his longass stun from his pull (Q-Death Sentence). The pull is quite hard to land, but once you do, the target is almost considered dead. Thresh can go as a support or go AD and rape the shit out of squishies.
1.OMG Thresh is sooo OP, he stuns me for like a minute and rapes me after.

2.Person 1:Riot PLS NERF THRESH.

Person 2:Better nerf Irelia.
by ThisGuy1234567 August 27, 2013
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probably the best quake player to ever live
thresh destroyed everyone with a score of 60 to -1.
by Quake fan March 12, 2005
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v., to work through or flesh out, as in an idea or problem.
"I have to thresh through this idea before it'll be presentable."
by Chaos Spear June 26, 2005
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is a simultaneous reflex that occurs after taking a refreshing sip or gulp. 2. exhaling in exctacy
Sitting in a quiet office, Stephen couldn't help but thresh after taking a swig of his Redbull.
by McHarry McBallsack June 15, 2010
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After threshing the fetus, it's common practice in Greece for men to fill the orifices of lamb and sheep with their penises.
by Johnny Eightball June 11, 2004
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