The threshold refers to a certain point in the ratings system. In order to understand the threshold, a definition of the rating system must be given. The rating is a system used to rate either men or women and it is a score out of 10. 5 points are for the personality/character and the other 5 are designated exclusively for looks. When you see a person and which to rate them purely on looks, a premature rating out of 5 is given.

Now the threshold refers to the point in which the other person you have rated is rated so highly to you that you would wish to sleep with them. The threshold is between 7.5 and 10.0. It must be noted that there is no threshold on a premature rating because before sleeping with someone, it is imperative that you must have some form of verbal contact with them unless of course you are a rapist. This system operates on the presumption that if one finds another attractive, they'd want to sleep with them.

Note: A high score is typically anything above an 8. Just like the NFL draft ratings system.
1. "Damn that chicks nice. I'd give her a premature rating of 4.8."

2. - "That guy's such a nice piece of ass, I think I'd give him a 8.5."

- "Oh, so you'd sleep with him? Because you did rate him above the threshold."

- "Without a doubt."
by Fappuccino September 27, 2011
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I really need to overcome that threshold to further my career.

The threshold for that paper is huge.
by Anti-Chocolate December 16, 2019
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The flesh threshold is the point at which a friendship becomes a hazy, undefined awkward mess filled with hook-ups and unanswered texts. After one crosses the flesh threshold, it is difficult if not impossible to return to the previous state of friendship.

Note: Sex is not required to cross the flesh threshold.
We can't invite Ryan and Rebecca to the same party - they're so awkward since they crossed the flesh threshold.
by Babymaker 5000 January 9, 2012
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The threshold of finally conversing about poop that occurs between two colleagues which, once surpassed, is the indication of true friendship.
"Hey Macie wanna come over?" -Steve
"Yeah Steve, hold on lemme just poop first." -Macie
"Ah shit alright come back soon!" -Steve
"I might be a while, that burrito is gonna give me some killer Montezuma's Revenge." -Macie
"I'm so glad we just surpassed the Poop Threshold. I love you" -Steve
by stevied2303 February 11, 2015
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A concept named after Ash Williams by the Youtuber "The Librarian". It is the point at which horror games lose the ability to scare players after the player was exposed enough to the game and it's contents. It is frequently crossed in the FNaF games, where after enough deaths, the animatronics become an annoying nuisance, than a terrifying enemy to look out for.
Guy 1: I can't keep playing man, this game is too scary.
Guy 2: Don't worry, it will reach the Ash Threshold soon enough and you'll be fine.
by Oofster1 May 23, 2022
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The level of alcohol intake where you cross the point of no return and spend the evening 'goating around', self control is lost and a hangover is almost inevitable.

Anything after the goat threshold is the birthplace of "It seemed like a good idea at the time".
1. Once you pass the goat threshold there is no return, now hand me the beer funnel.
2. I'm so hung over today, I really crossed the goat threshold early yesterday.
by Maever September 8, 2016
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n. The point when two people in a relationship are comfortable farting in each others presence. This is when you know the relationship is on secure footing.
Alfredo: I've been fighting with my girlf lately I'm afraid we might break up soon!!
Antonio: Have you reached the farting threshold??!?
Alfedo: Well, yes
Antonio: Don't worry about it then! You guys aren't breaking up any time soon
by vicviod March 16, 2015
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