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The threshold refers to a certain point in the ratings system. In order to understand the threshold, a definition of the rating system must be given. The rating is a system used to rate either men or women and it is a score out of 10. 5 points are for the personality/character and the other 5 are designated exclusively for looks. When you see a person and which to rate them purely on looks, a premature rating out of 5 is given.

Now the threshold refers to the point in which the other person you have rated is rated so highly to you that you would wish to sleep with them. The threshold is between 7.5 and 10.0. It must be noted that there is no threshold on a premature rating because before sleeping with someone, it is imperative that you must have some form of verbal contact with them unless of course you are a rapist. This system operates on the presumption that if one finds another attractive, they'd want to sleep with them.

Note: A high score is typically anything above an 8. Just like the NFL draft ratings system.
1. "Damn that chicks nice. I'd give her a premature rating of 4.8."

2. - "That guy's such a nice piece of ass, I think I'd give him a 8.5."

- "Oh, so you'd sleep with him? Because you did rate him above the threshold."

- "Without a doubt."
by Fappuccino September 26, 2011
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