Three males beat their boners, on to one individuals head. Can either be a sexually pleasurable act or an act of punishment
John: Hey did you guys give me a Three Musketeers last night?

Tim: Yeah because you were being a douche.

John: That explains alot.
by Big Red 7878 February 27, 2011
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A three digit vaginal or anal fingerbang.
Tony was getting bored with the twix he was performing on Lee's asspipe, so he turned her over and went Three Musketeers on her sorry, Zamboni-like stank trench.
by Bigbear Goldstein January 30, 2008
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When three cars ride side-by-side on the road, traveling at the exact same speed, and clog the whole thing up.
by Lemongrass March 17, 2016
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A sexual act where three males insert their penises into one woman's vagina or mouth. As they "cross swords" they shout "ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL". Can also be performed orally between 4 gay males.
by wandmore March 16, 2007
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Three studs from Toronto from Asian descent very fly, with pimping game and undebatable swag. Commonly seen and recognized around in Toronto's nightlife areas or house parties where at times ends up being sausage fests.
"Tuan, Suvay and DK are the real three musketeers, they might take your girl!"
by Yang's Kitchen February 02, 2009
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Wow, I was over a Fred's last night and Kevin came over. We had a Three Musketeers and it was INCREDIBLE. "All for one, and one for ALL!"
by MQuiggle June 13, 2007
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Drawn from a group of English soliders calling themselves the Three Musketeers, whose motto was "All for one and one for all".

1. If caught engaging in questionable/illegal activities in a group, one person takes all the blame (one for all), and the others who were involved do their best to help him out with whatever consequences he may recieve (all for one).

2. The understanding that if everyone in a group of people breaking the law/doing things they're not supposed to gets caught, they will all claim to be the sole person responsable. (Each one person for all) This way, either none are punished because of the confusion, or all are punished equally. (All for one)

Hey, if we get caught smokin' this ganja, who's gonna be three musketeering?

Okay, if something goes wrong, we're three musketeering it. Everyone says it was all them.

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