Like head banging only better and more fun..
You get your arms T-rexin' and move them rapidly and head bang while whipping your hair around .
may appear like your having an epileptic seizure
Head banging with more hair flipping, arm moving and gracefulness ... "Thrashing it out"
by mewmeow April 29, 2012
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Giving hard sex to woman. Having hard sex with yourself. Wild passionate sex where the thrashee cums out of it very satisfied.
I was thrashing her so hard that it woke up her neighbors across the street.
by sonicturkey March 18, 2006
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Adj; any sudden movement of the hands and arms in an unorderly and spasmic matter, is done so in great praise and excitement
Yo man i totally Thrashed hardcore after fuckin' that bitch
by Harold January 15, 2004
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Going out for a day on a preserved railway line and riding the trains all day. Usually involves hanging out of train windows.
Me and Ben went Thrashing on the East Lancs Railway on Saturday.
by Stankey September 4, 2007
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Also known as thrash metal. Stylistically expanding from speed metal, thrash was harsher, heavier and in some cases even faster than its predecessor. The lyrics, as before, were associated with the more negative aspects as life, as well as the darker. A good amount of thrash also dealt with political or social subjects not dissimilar to punk. Vocals were less sung and more shouted, and drums were often rapid fire. Solos, as you might imagine, were at times prominent throughout nearly an entire song. It was at this point in metal that music would only become heavier and more aggressive. Thrash was menacing, crushing and often disliked by the mainstream community for its heaviness. The music form would die down in the 1990's, and be replaced by the likes of black and death metal. Thrash was most likely named as such because many fans of the music often thrash (or "mosh") one another around at concerts. Common examples of thrash include Bathory, Dark Angel, D.R.I., Exodus, Kreator, Metal Church, Slayer, Testament, Venom, Violence, and countless others.
Britain's Sabbat is one of the most underrated thrash bands from the late 1980's.
by Goatlord April 30, 2003
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a type of fast loud and heavy music.
Black Flagis definetly NOT thrash. Slayer IS thrash.
by Bum Bum Kim August 4, 2004
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1. To thrash a person or thing is to harm them severely
2. To thrash a car is to drive it harshly & disrespectfuly
3. To thrash an opponent in a competition is to win by a large margin
4. To thrash a woman is to penetrate her forcefully, with your penis or otherwise
5. A genre of short fast and loud music
1. Do that again and I'll give ya a thrashing!
2. I thrashed my parents' car when they were on holiday.
3. We'll thrash ya in tonight's game!
4. See that blondie over there? Thrashed her last night ay.
5. Oi, i feel like headbanging, put that Slayer album on.
by Brammo November 26, 2005
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