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Pretty much any stupid, talentless, uneducated rapper who has nothing better to do than to shoot people, rape women, go to jail and do it all for publicity. They are interchangeable and look/sound similar to one another making it almost impossible to tell them apart. Usually the more crime they do, the more records they sell. Lyrics include extremely vulgar slang words, usually involving some sexual position or act.

Random Rapper is a disgrace to the music industry and should be banned from all media outlets.
Random Rapper is #1 on the Hot 100 once again.

Just choose a rap CD! They're all the same!

Random Rapper was arrested today for raping a 16 year old girl. He pleaded guilty and ended with "buy my album."
by JoM April 14, 2005
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Basically any loser who can't sing but records anyway and calls themself "street." Usually don't live past 35.
A. Random rapper got shot!

B. Which one?

A. The one that sucks!

B. That's all of em!
by mhmm July 06, 2005
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