A girl that is a hoe. All she is used for is a pocket for your dick.
Man look at that girl over there. You can tell she's a Thotpocket by the way she's dressed.
by Alec643 June 6, 2015
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You know that girl your whole squad has dicked? Her Pussy.
Damn bro she fucked both of us in the same day.....?

Yeah, she had a smelly thotpocket didn't she?
by Greg2424 April 28, 2017
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A girl that is basic and cold on the outside and will burn the fuck out of you on the inside.
Come see me tonight, I'll be in the DJ booth like a true thotpocket.
by Gensh November 17, 2016
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A group originally created by Ayanna , Halle , Chaniya , Imani & Chloe . Now consist of Nya , Ayanna , Halle , Imani & Samiria 🤩
Boy oh man gaawtdang them thotpockets fye asf no capp .
by lulbabythots June 14, 2018
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