Ayanna is laid back at times she can be very bold and blunt but she does have a nice side to her . She is really goofy and can be random . Ayanna speaks her mind when she feels it need be . She is loyal and a good friend. Ayanna has a mind of her own when her mind is made up then that's what it is . She is a keeper
Ayanna is a good girl
by Me2167 December 20, 2016
The most beautiful girl in the world. Ayannas are Usally smart, funny, and a great girl to be around. She spends alot of time thinking about what to do for those she cares about. Shes easy to get along with, loving, and caring. She has an amazing personality that affects everyone around her. She can be agressive at times, but she still loves you. She is very energetic and pretty, and she is a really hott chick. She has one of the best smiles out there. Once you get to know her, she is the best person to be around. She might be tricky to solve at first, and she might hurt you emotionally or physically at first, but she will eventually relize the love she saved for you. Shes a beautiful flower. And makes one of the best girlfriends ever. She loves life, and everyone she shares it with. She is very talented, and she loves Art and Music. Never let her go, it could be the biggest mistake you ever made.
Wow dude!! That girl is amazing!!
Of course she is, that's Ayanna.

Enjoy her while you have her. Losing her might be the biggest mistake you ever made.
by AllStar27 March 13, 2016
Ayanna, an extremely intelligent and beautiful girl. She is very smart and chooses who she loves wisely and carefully. She is very caring no matter her facade. She has a very crazy and wild side she tends to show to the people closest to her. Only a fool would let this amazing girl slip through their f...ingers, of all the people you know she will impact your life the most.
Haven't you met my girlfriend Ayanna, she's amazing.
by Huggv January 30, 2017
A fun, outgoing, girl, who loves to make others laugh and feel happy on the inside, even when she isn't.
"Hey, Thanks for cheering me up earlier today, Ayanna. You're a good friend."

*Sighs* "No problem, that's what I'm here for."
by Ayanna Patrice March 14, 2015
The most beautiful and amazing girl in the world. Makes a great girlfriend. Very funny and talented. Easy to get along with. Fun to hang out with.
If you ever meet an Ayanna, never let her go. You'll regret it.
by Alexander dupree May 6, 2013
extremly talented and beautiful
Wow, you are very Ayanna
by Ayanna April 9, 2005
I gave my girl ayanna, beautiful ayanna makes her happy.
by ChiAli February 24, 2005