1. To describe the unwritten law of friends (hoes) before guys (bros)(most of the time, the ones that get between you)
2.a phrase to describe a relationship with your friends instead of the asshole or playa that got between you
Peyton-"so we wont let him get between us?"
Brooke-"no worries, hoes over bros"

"Man, i cant believe we fought over him...from now on its hoes over bros"
by Amina March 6, 2006
An annoying way your friends guilt trip you into getting to hang with the boy instead of being with your girl
Person 1: hey you wanna go to the movies with me and the boys
Person 2: actually I can’t I have plans with my girl
Person 1: wow hoes over bros ok I get it
Person 2: fine I’ll cancel my plans
by console person July 6, 2020
Hoeing over is like screwing someone over but with a lot of hoe.
Sara: hey sorry we can’t study today like I promised but I’ll suck your dick if you do all my homework for the week

John: yah I’m not going to lie you hoe me over
by Spino July 11, 2018
A song about:

"putting homies over hoes"
"gay rappers"

Its from the TV show the Boondocks. A Pimp Named Slickback (the boondocks) does not like this phrase or you can say sentiment, he thinks its pretty gay (homo).

It's sung by Gangstalicious voiced by Mos Def.
a pimp named slickback discussing things that goes over hoes

A pimp named slickback: "A Turkey sandwhich with just tomato, guaranteed, but homies oh no, a pimp named slickback don't do shit for the homies...sounds like some gay shit to me."

Riley: so what do you think about homies over hoes?

A pimp named slickback: Is that someting at Denny's? I don't know what that is.
by $-$ AUDI $-$ February 7, 2008
To never choose a girl over your bros, spend time with your bros more than you spend time with the girl that might be cheating on you.
-Michael B-
" girl- come hang out with me. Boy- sorry, bros over hoes😌.
by Michaelbrr November 26, 2020