Example: the fibonacci sequence, the seed of life, the flower of life, the tree of life
One can see sacred geometry in naturally occurring ratios.
Example: pi, our bodies, plants, sea shells, spiral galaxies, sunflowers, ect.
by pochochojo October 24, 2013
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Credo in which a countably infinite number of heptagons constitute a decadon.
In sacred geometry, a specific series of infinite shapes come together to form a whole.

The two - dimensional circle out of which reality is constituted is called "pan-contiguity."
The 10-faced three-dimensional polygon which schematizes reality is the decadon.

In sacred geometry, the decadon is pan-contiguity in three dimensions.

The decadon is the body (collective) while the heptagon is the mind (individual).
by zanderfin July 13, 2020
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