Thore's are such sweet young loving boys / men that will do anything to protect someone they love. They will never take no for an answer and strive the best for you. You can always count on them to cheer you up and make you have a huge smile. They are people who have the warmest hugs that make you feel protected, safe, and a warm feeling. Overall a Thore is the best person ever
by nicolette33 June 6, 2017
Thore means Think More. We all have been through situations when you needed more time to think about an answer. Or when you were expected to give an answer and you were in a big rush and couldn't talk at that exact moment. Or when someone is waiting for a conclusion/answer and you are not sure what your answer is but, at the same time, you feel that by saying that you need more time to think about that, the person is going to get confused, unsure or offended. By using Thore, it is going to get a lot more smooth, elegant, rapid, fancy and friendly to ask for more time or to advice someone to get his/her facts right.
I have to thore about the possible outcomes that might appear as a result of my actions.

You should thore before speaking.

Thoring is one way of training our minds.

I will have to thore about which jacket do I want to buy.

I thored/did thore about what you said and I got to a conclusion.
by FranklinBlue April 6, 2019
A combination of a tool and a whore. The "h" is silent.
Damn, Luke is such a thore!
by thatonetool April 29, 2011
Person 1 :omg emma is such a whore .

person 2 : yeah i a totally agree . she's also a thot
Me in my mind holy shit

by best word inventor ever November 27, 2017
Akin to a contraction of words. (Noun): A thieving whore.
When estranged wife Hellen rented out my house without my knowledge or permission, and gave me not one cent, she was a real "Thore".
by Jon C Wilson February 8, 2007
when a sober, usually slutly girl has sex with a very inebriated, nearly unconscious male. Usually the male is only alerted to the fact that the thoring has happening after the sex has occured
My friend Kevin was wasted last night and totally got thored by that girl he was dancing with, he better get tested.
by darline December 12, 2006