A rare, extremely potent nationality-altering strain of marijuana. Characteristics include lots of red hairs and extremely pungent odor. Smoking this strain will cause the smoker to pass out and awaken somewhere in Norway.
"Yesterday my friend brought over an ounce of something he called Thor's Hammer, it was red and furry and smelled like holy hell.

We rolled a blunt of the shit and passed it back and forth, eventually I passed out after the blunt was halfway done.

I woke up this morning and noticed I was cold as shit. Then I noticed I wasn't in my house, but an unfurnished loft, still wearing the clothes I had on yesterday. I ran outside and after a little investigation I found out I'm in Bergen, Norway."
by wgrwgawg April 5, 2008
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A sex act were a man dress up like thor. He then proceeds to a running leap off a elevated surface into the air. The women waits on all fours ass up in the air.The man goes flying across the room fist in air. Then he unleashes the hammer being his fist into the womens ass. Thus putting down the hammer as he refereneced in the avengers movie.
My girlfriend as me to proform the Thor's Hammer on her if i really loved her.
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1. A hammer symbol that Heathens and Asatruar wear about their necks to show their dedication to their God, Thor; much like Christians wear a cross.

Thor’s Hammer is called Mjolnir, and it is His weapon of choice which he uses to smite evil giants. It strikes lighting and roars with thunder when it is used and always returns to His hand. However, it also symbolizes regeneration, and not merely destruction and was often used at wedding to bless the bride and such.

2. On Stargate SG-1, Thor’s Hammer is a device that the Asgard set up to protect the people of Cimmeria from Goa’uld interference.
1. I wear a Thor's Hammer to show that I am an Asatruar.

2. Daniel Jackson destroyed Thor’s Hammer in order to save Teal’c.

by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006
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the act of one man penetrating another man, missionary style, while holding tightly to the receiving man's erect penis, attempting to "lift the hammer"
Nothing better than working up a good sweat in Gold's Gym, showering off and then Thor's Hammering your spotter...
by Bennjammin July 27, 2018
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When you are banging a chick and blow your load on her stomach. She is stuck there until you grab something for her to use to clean up.
"Ha! I left Thor's Hammer on some chick last night and dipped. I bet she was stuck there for awhile unable to move. I am a dick."
by Captain Andy Ghostface December 16, 2013
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Shitting in a pillow case then hitting someone with it, the reason for its name is that when the shit is at the end of the pillow case during motion it looks like a hammer. Also the person with the pillow case looks like Thor.
"Dude you looked like Thor when you hit that guy with a pillow case full of shit…it was awesome!"

"Thor's Hammer is awesome."
by Jesus mutha ****** christ! September 9, 2011
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When a man’s penis is only able to be lifted by a hot enough woman. If a woman of insufficient hotness attempts to entice the hammer, it will remain flaccid. Usually used when the standard of attractiveness is exceptionally high.
Hey man, check out Takamatsu! Hot Right? No reaction?! What, are you packin’ Thor's Hammer down there or something?
by Bored ALTs January 5, 2015
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