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A rare, extremely potent nationality-altering strain of marijuana. Characteristics include lots of red hairs and extremely pungent odor. Smoking this strain will cause the smoker to pass out and awaken somewhere in Norway.
"Yesterday my friend brought over an ounce of something he called Thor's Hammer, it was red and furry and smelled like holy hell.

We rolled a blunt of the shit and passed it back and forth, eventually I passed out after the blunt was halfway done.

I woke up this morning and noticed I was cold as shit. Then I noticed I wasn't in my house, but an unfurnished loft, still wearing the clothes I had on yesterday. I ran outside and after a little investigation I found out I'm in Bergen, Norway."
by wgrwgawg April 05, 2008
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A huge retarded waste of time and effort.
"Kinda makes the whole war on drugs seem like a bit of a cocksuck, don't ya think?" ~ Bill Hicks
by wgrwgawg April 02, 2008
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