Man, thog simply doesn't care
by Sadmemeking November 5, 2017
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A popular yahoo answers account that has blown up after not caaring.
Question: Why do chips get stale?? gross i just eat a cheeto and it was NASTY .... like all stale and crap. eww.
Thog: Thog dont caare
by fvle December 28, 2018
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A Thog is a modern day neanderthal walking amongst normal human beings. Thogs derive pleasure in the simple things, such as senseless violence or playing with heavy objects. Thogs may vary physically, but often adopt a short, stocky stature reminiscent of Mr Hyde. A Thog's physique is however ancilliary to their behaviour, which is always on the primative side. Whilst Thogs are usually literate, they usually adopt a monosyllabic speech pattern, and grunt when acceptable. It is often amusing to watch a Thog as they navigate through our big and confusing world, and our job is to help them in their journey towards a simple, enjoyable life.
Ben's been making me laugh recently, he's such a Thog!
Hey have you spoken to Thog recently, he's even more dumb than usual.
by lanilanilani April 7, 2020
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Can replace “I don’t care” in most situations. Used to express your apathy about a statement or a situation
Used similarly to “Wig”

Origin of the word comes from a yahoo answers post where someone asked why chips get stale and a user named “Thog” responded “Thog dont caare”. This inspired people to say “Thog don’t caare” when they don’t care. Now, it’s evolved to simply saying “Thog”
Person you hate: Bruh you are actually so annoying
You: Thog
by A fucking bitch May 12, 2019
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A combination of sperm and mucus. Typically is created when a male is able to ejaculate in a female's nose.
A young man was dating a girl with an extremely big nose. He stuck his penis up her nose and had an orgasm. When he took his cock out of the nose, it had thog on it.
by Ben3 September 9, 2008
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A foggy thought; a cross between feeling foggy and having a brilliant idea. Tired while trying to think.
Come back in an hour, I'm caught in a thog.
There's a great idea in there somewhere but right now your proposal is king of thoggy.
by jamomacju bean May 14, 2011
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The term "thog" is a portmanteau between the popular youth-term thot, and the derogatory descriptor "hog". It is used to describe a female who is both promiscuous in sexuality, and who is also ugly as a hog.
I don't know how Rebekah, despite looking like Shrek's rectal prolapse, manages to have so much sex with so many different men. She is a straight up THOG.
by scrotummonstr September 9, 2017
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