When you are hanging out with two other people usually friends, siblings, or relatives. They always talk to each other and have fun, but you are just tagging along and overhearing what they say. They act like you are not there. Sometimes you have no one else to hang out with so you just go with them. You will always feel left out.
Someone-“I feel bad for your sister she is always the third wheel
by ComeToBrazil85 April 8, 2022
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A person who feels left out by a couple or a pair of besties.
Being the third wheel, Ramona took a nice selfie only to find that Marchello and Nicole were photobombing as they were kissing!
by JRHU July 29, 2018
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Someone who constantly hangs out with either partner of a couple individually and gets pissy when the couple don't want them there they tend to follow around litterally everywhere that couple goes and never learns to just *fuck off* and get their own partner
they are common for Hetero and Homo couples and are the most annyoing thin ever
Person1:We should get some food on Thursday
Person2:Yeah that sounds good
third wheel: Omg yess I love getting food guys We should get Burger King
by Anonaman May 5, 2019
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Someone out of a trio whom is seemingly the least relevant.
Me and my two friends were hanging out at the mall and I was the third wheel half the time.
by bitstripslang February 10, 2016
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To be third-wheeled is to be intentionally left out of activities as part of a friend group. If you're third-wheeled, you're most definitely the convenience friend. They'll make you desperate to hang out, but never actually include you in anything. You can expect to be asked to hang out only if nobody else wants to.

If you notice you're being third-wheeled, it's probably a toxic friendship and you should get out of there.
Jim was third-wheeled by his friends so they always had someone to fall back to when they got bored.
by verwijder January 19, 2021
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A person who hangs out with two other people. The two other people are closer to each other than the "Third Wheel". People generally feel awkward when the third wheel mentions how much it sucks to be the first wheel (They actually normally get mad).
-Did you invite Hannah?
-No, she's just the third wheel anyways
by IAmTheThirdWheel April 20, 2015
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