Jose Ortiz, Mariela Ortiz, Ruby Ortiz, Rosie Ortiz, Ruben Ortiz, Jesus Ortiz, etc.
by vlaplyr09 July 11, 2008
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A. The act of taking your eyes off an opponent and getting twp-pieced.
Man, did you see that? They Ortiz that nigga, Johnny.
by Raizen82 September 24, 2011
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He thinks hes the premium package but hes just an ortiz
by Lolliboy March 31, 2020
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Oh my god Carlos, can you please stop Ortizing in the table.
Alejandro our Colgate is running out, are you Ortizing again.
by Doctor Iron Fist head knocker October 30, 2011
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I boy that you like but have no chance with.
I think that boyneil Ortiz at school is sooooo cute.
by The15mygirl November 10, 2019
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Pulling an Ortiz is the act of skipping either a break or lunch in favor of getting more work done. This phrase is only used if you are sure not to request overtime or any compensation for this extra work time, you do it out of the kindness of your heart, or rather the sense of accomplishment you get out of having done more for the company and customers.

The ultimate "Pulling an Ortiz" is when you come in to work on your day off just to check on your coworkers.
Let's just head out to lunch, Brian is going to be pulling an Ortiz.
by Pfizer September 26, 2005
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A noble and kind man, indigenous to Stamford Connecticut. This special breed of involuntary retardius better known as a “special thinker” can apprehend high levels of cognitive function such as urinating upon a bonefire. Felipe is better known for his unique aura of intense inactivity. Felipe can also be used as an adjective in a sense to describe a person, one whom can appear not to have an intact brain, as to have lost it in an accident such as forcing ones head into an inanimate object. Not to be confused with similar species such as the Dan, The A, The Double A, whom of which will be described in another post.
Girl: oh look at that kid wearing the helmet staring at the wall
Boy: yeah that happens sometimes
Girl: he’s such a Felipe Ortiz

Boy: stop hitting your head against the bathroom stall!
Boy 2: how are you hitting two stall doors with your head at the same time?!
Boy 3: It’s ok he’s pulling a Felipe Ortiz

Boy 1: God the fire is dying, it’s so cold
Boy 2 : I think it’s time to set up sleeping bags and go to sleep
Boy 1: I’m not going to bed just because the fire is pulling a Felipe Ortiz
by IntelligentMoron September 10, 2019
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