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One who professes ignorance on the knowledge of whether or not any gods exist, or even what the term means. It is a play on the words "ignorant" (to lack knowledge) and "gnostic," (knowledge pertaining to gods).

Ignosticism is sometimes compared to theological noncognitivism, and while one may be both an ignostic and a theological noncognitivist, they aren't mutually inclusive. It is also often compared to agnosticism, and nontheism in general. Most ignostics would be categorized as "weak" or "negative" atheists.
Theist: "Do you believe in God?"

Ignostic: "What is 'God'?"
by Squarecircle August 07, 2006
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The argument that religious terminology (words such as "god" and "supernatural") doesn't make any frickin' sense, and just clutters up language meaninglessly.
The atheistic philosopher who claims that "god" is nonsensical is a proponent of theological noncognitivism.
by squarecircle August 08, 2006
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An alternate spelling for cyberape.
Wtf, Becky just emailed me pics of her vag! I've been cyber-raped!
by squarecircle August 10, 2006
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An intentional "misspelling" of "internet," as an alternative to the more popular "intarweb".
im lyk serfing teh cybernet, d00d.
by squarecircle August 09, 2006
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It's partially the noise an explosion makes, mixed with the word "explode" itself. Plus it's a cool word, I use it all the time. Basically it just means "explode" but it's cooler. Because I said it is.
"Whoah, that thing just kersploded!"
by squarecircle August 08, 2006
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A Paladin in World of Warcraft with the majority of their Talents in the Holy tree, and thus primarily a healer.

Typically considered the best single-target healers in the game.
Anyone need a healer? I'm a healadin!
by squarecircle May 18, 2008
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A pejorative term used to describe an Objectivist. Someone who religiously follows the philosophy of Ayn Rand.
Dude, ever talked to a Randist? It's like talking to a fundy. There's no hope.
by squarecircle May 18, 2008
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