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The cold shower (or TCS) is a site created by the awesome B. and it's dedicated to Robert Pattinson. It's also well known about the Robporn (see definition). It's not fitting for people under 18 or people who are prudish enough to not appreciate a good naughty fun. Also on a side note the followers of this site (usually women) like to call themselves Rob_h00rs. The site has nothing to do with Twilight (the books or the movies). It's all about Rob. So please haters should stay away.
"I'm going to check The cold shower for some new good Robporn."
"Did you saw the picture on The cold shower. It was so hot."
"Oh you are such a Rob_h00r! You spend all your free time on The cold shower."
by Little_Angry_Kitten September 03, 2011
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