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Step one: Stuff the Turkey- stuffing and a wooden spoon are required for this step. As all great turkeys are stuffed first, you must make your woman a great turkey. You have to start with loading her asshole with stuffing, the wooden spoon is needed to really get it in there( avoid her cryis for hel, it means she likes it.)

Step 2: Set oven to 350- in this step you are required to fart, but this is no average fart this is a very heated fart. This is a very delicate process because if you don't quite heat the fart up enough, your lady friend might not come at the right time.(taco bell is helpful to heat the fart up)

Step 3: Add the Gravy- If Taco Bell was consumed to help for the last step, this step will be a piece of cake. You will need to take a shit that is very runny and very fluidy on your lady friends chest. Rub it around. It cannot be a solid shit. This will destroy the process and you'll have to restart.

Step 4: Time to fry the turkey- this process is very painful for the both of you, but it has to be done. You must stick boiling frier oil in the females vagina and fuck her while its still in there.

Disclaimer: if there are any 3rd degree burns, vicious wounds and of fatalities it is not my fault. This was created by Bill Gates in an Applebee's Kitchen on thanksgiving night
-Hey I heard you and Julie has The Turkey Dinner, how did it go?

- She died...
by The Asswipe August 19, 2013
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