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Sometimes known as the "Immaculate Redemption" or "The Tackle II" (the 2000 superbowl had the first one). Happened in the 2005 AFC Divisional Round Playoff game when after the Bus, Jerome Bettis, fumbled the ball at the goal line, Nick Harper recovered the ball and headed full speed towards the endzone to score, ending the Steelers season. However, at the last moment, in a quick jolt, Ben Roethlisberger grabbed Harper by his feet, tackling him, and ending the 14-2 Colts season. Pittsburgh would go on to win Super Bowl XL.
Forget about the Immaculate Reception, the Tackle is what everybody is going to be talking about from here on out.
by Steagles February 12, 2006
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A euphemism used to define a man's genetalia. Usually indicative of his testicles.
"Gonna shave up the tackle and pole before the club tonight."
by Thumper Boy March 16, 2006
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