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it is a hilarious sexual prank in which you are fucking a girl, and right be fore she finishes you have a tall, skinny friend walk in dressed as slenderman.

Warning: you may get feces and urine on yourself by doing this
To prank my grilfriend, Bob dressed up and pulled The Slenderman in the middle of our alone time. Her reaction was priceless
by Josh Birchwood January 18, 2013
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Slenderman is Paranormal Figure From Something Awful Forums. His story is that he was a business man. A Demon Possessed him and gave him the opportunity to drive people insane and steal children. He is Seen in forests parks and other areas. But mostly in Parks. Slenderman has brothers who kill to. Well, some: His favourite: Offendorman
Worst Fav: Splendorman
Cowardly Fav: Trenderman.
Slendy main victims are children. However
Who's That guy in the suit behind that girl
?: Slenderman!
? You mean, The Slenderman?
by Google Inc. February 04, 2017
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