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The Shaka is re-slanging the term, "The Shocker." It is when the two first fingers are placed in the vagina, while the pinky finger is placed in the anus. The ring finger is tucked away during this process.

Obviously, the term was coined because the broad gets shocked when she catches one in the butt as well as the vag.
"So I pulled off her undie wundies and put two in the pink, and one in the stink.."
"Oh damn!! you gave her the shocker?!"
"Hellz yeah brotha, hellz yeah."
by danny$$taylor November 27, 2004
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Derivative of The Shocker in which the previously excluded ring finger is used purposefully and joyously by at least one of the sexual partners.
The thumb is to be pressed tightly to the outside of the index finger whilst inserted into the honey pot. Simultaneously, the middle, ring and pinkey finger are to be inserted into the dark knot (the good Lord willing).
First seen displayed publicly at the University of Illinois/Urbana Champaign as a show of support in the pursuit of Shaka Smart as new men's basketball coach.

I'll see your stinker Witchita, an raise you two!

Bet your sweet little asses it Smarts ladies*!!!

*May not hold true to women hailing from Michigan...
Mixed it up a li'l last night an threw the shaka at the girlfriend!

Sweet! Good times?

HELL YEAH! Li'l nervous this morning though... I can't find my wedding ring!

Shaka Zulu! That's why I went with the tattoo!
by Randle P. March 20, 2012
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