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A game played on a field, and a mix of rugby and smear the queer. Played normally with an orange ball with a good grip and with teams. This game is pointless and there is no definite winner, but whatever team has the ball the longest can win if so chosen to play that way. It begins with a kick off in the middle of a large field, and whoever has the ball is the target. This is a rough contact sport and there is tactics thought of or to use in this game. Middle schools in California have brought up this game as it is expanding.
Hey Hehir, let's go own some noob seventh graders in the orange game (OG).

by bartholemew March 18, 2007
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A game that is best played at parties preferably when a good number of people are moderately drunk. NOTE THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A CONTACT SPORT PLAYED IN SCHOOLS IN AMERICA

It works best when not many people are aware of what the orange game is, probably you and maybe an orange game buddy.

The basic principle is first to locate a bag of oranges/satsumas/tangerines in the house. (most houses have them somewhere)

the next step is to hurl the oranges around an area preferably where there are lots of people, in the air, at peoples faces, in peoples groins, or at breakable objects. at this point it may be acceptable to shout "YEAH THE ORANGE GAME!!"

there is no scoring system as such but recognition should go to players who manage to hit a copulating couple in a particularly satisfying fashion.

The overall aim is to get as many people to join in as possible and the ultimate goal is to get someone to say in despair "I HATE THE ORANGE GAME!"
Josh: "Fancy a bit of the orange game?"
Angus: "Hell yes."

by joshmick January 06, 2008
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Without exception or a shadow of a doubt, the most annoying thing to be invented in the history of the world.
Hey, I'm an annoying cunt. Yay for the orange game!

Hey, like all the most annoying people, I like the orange game.

Let's play the orange game! Have you got any KY?
by Sam March 10, 2003
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a contrast, indeed a juxtaposistion to the other definition provided..
the orange game is in fact a game played only by those who are of higher knowledge to those who do not understand it.
it is essential to the playing of the game that one is not a loner.
look up sam is a loner.
yay for the orange game
y does the loner hate the orange game
the orange game solves all ill in the world
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
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