people that know your all your bussiness even when you DON'T tell them.
the next door neighbors even know when i take a crap
by Bonnie T June 20, 2008
person who lives right next, or directly beside you.
the person who lives closest to you.
neighbor girl who is also your dream girl, the all american girl.
i had to bum a ride from my next door neighbor or i was gona be late for work.
by stiffler'smom September 18, 2014
some fat bitch who wears really short shorts and allows her giant muffin top to hang over them
That girl with the muffin top is like randi's next door neighbor
by Grapedrinkeesha March 29, 2010
The most epic comeback response since "your mum" it will leave the person your owning comebackless, no response can top this one.
Ellen: Your mums fat
William: Your next door neighbors goat's fat.

Robert: Your gay
William: Your next door neighbors goat's gay
by bigwillyp January 27, 2010