the most beautiful girl you will ever see, she knows how to make people feel happy about themselves even if their life actually sucks. randi's are often perfect in everyway. but they will most likely deny that and claim that they arent. no one can be like a randi because they are the most beautiful, funny, caring, loving, understanding people in the world.
damn, i wish my girl was like randi.
by donhenlyfan161616 May 30, 2009
Hindi for prostitute. also used sometimes to mean a girl who's very lose.
"Forget it, she was a randi anyway!"
by Samir J. Banerjee July 18, 2004
hindi for prostitute
mostly used as an abuse
she changes her boyfriends faster than her panties,randi!
by mechozoon December 3, 2007
The Indian word for a female prostitute.
A woman who engages in sexual activity for payment.
Commonly used as a swear word in northern India.
Teri ma randi
Your mother is a prostitute

Maine kal ek randi chodi
I fucked a prostitute yesterday
by Indian_Nigga April 14, 2019
aka rania, a fat, stupid, misandrist who calls herself feminist and is really just a slut with a big mouth
Damn, she's just a randi. I mean raniaatif_.
by 2inchsquad April 12, 2019
Someone who sexually harass people for fun.
He is a big randi.
by LIghtning_McD September 26, 2017