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The most epic comeback response since "your mum" it will leave the person your owning comebackless, no response can top this one.
Ellen: Your mums fat
William: Your next door neighbors goat's fat.

Robert: Your gay
William: Your next door neighbors goat's gay
by bigwillyp January 27, 2010
When impaired by psychoactive disassociative GHB/GBL another person commonly also under the influence of said substance (not required in all cases) takes it upon themselves to get touchy feely and they are well aware that it is gRape, so often they will close the door to the room or commit said gRape in the back of a truck, isolation is key to a successful gRape.

gRaping is often committed to obtain sexual gratification where it otherwise wouldn't be on the cards.
Oh my god, darling did you know that you were being gRaped by Tom, Dick & Harry last night.
by bigwillyp October 3, 2021
Derived from the words "Moll", and "Molest" - Being molested is doing something that you don't want to, but must do because of social/commitment reasons. You are doing it against your will to be a good person.

Mollesting is knowingly doing the above to someone.
I was drunk and said i would go out to dinner with sharon, i want to cancel now... but people will call me a dick, i guess i'm being mollested

Simon said that he would go to dinner with me when he was pissed the other night, cant wait to be mollesting
by bigwillyp April 12, 2013
Holden Commodores, which have been re branded by their bogan owners with the Chevrolet logo by removing the Holden logo from the back and front of the car and replacing with a 3rd party ebay Chevrolet logo!
Emily: look at that tool in his Chevodore driving past..
Tracey: Wankkkeerrr
by bigwillyp January 27, 2010