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The Mill Pond was once a mote surrounding Pembroke Castle, Pembroke. If the Mill Pond had eyes it would most definitely have some stories to tell. Mostly of the residents of Pembroke and their inability to keep their sexual encounters behind closed doors. Monktoners are also known for being caught dogging in the Mill Pond alleyways and public toilets after a raging night in Pembroke's very own nightclub 'paddles'. The Mill Pond is also the main habitat in Pembroke for Swans, Ducks and Seagulls. If a Swan is seen on the Mill Bridge, it is advised to swiftly pick it up and chuck it back into the dirty, brown, milky waters where it could potentially drown from being caught on an underwater somefield trolly placed there by the artistic people of Pembroke and Monkton.
The mill pond once became famous for being the center storyline for 'Holly and The Mill Pond' an epic video game adventure which is ultimately to hardest game ever as you can never win. God himself guest stars in this game. 'Holly and The Mill Pond' grossed poorly in games sales, but shot up in the charts with the epic 'Journey' song from the Soundtrack, available on Sony Records.
Dude, wanna go to the mill pond after paddles and eat our Mr Wongs chinese?

Yes man, i'll bring that chick i've been dying to rag down there cause i'm to cheap and skanky to do it in my own home.

Wanna go home and play 'Holly and The Milll Pond' after we fed the swans?
by FloraJane May 25, 2009
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The act of a woman lying on the bed with her legs spread while a man jumps into her vagina
by Filgo September 07, 2016
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